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Cars 3 Review

The third movie in the Cars Franchise by Pixar featured Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen, Larry the Cable Guy as Mater, Bonnie Hunt as Sally, and introduces newcomers to the franchise Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm, Nathan Fillion as Sterling, Chris Cooper as Smokey, and Cristela Alonzo in her first full length movie as Cruz Ramirez.

I will state what I would grade the first 2 Cars movies if I had done reviews when I first saw those movies along with a concise explanation as to why, then move on to my review of the latest in the Trilogy.

Cars is 7.5/10 because it is an inspiring movie about a racer that learns to slow down and appreciate life and learn to be a better car, and a better racer in the process.

Cars 2 is 4/10 because this movie took all of the storytelling of Pixar’s rich history, and traded it all in for making a side character into the star, and turning him into an international spy. This movie was made with the sole purpose of selling merchandise.

Now, back to the actual review.

I truly believed that the Cars franchise was over after the disastrous second installment, however I would say that I was wrong. The third movie recaptures the charm of the first one, and the visuals as always are outstanding. The soundtrack for this movie was okay, but misses the fun, road trip style music of the first one. The characters are mostly interesting, as well as mostly properly utilized, in which I will go more into in the Spoiler section below. This movie is about cars finding out their place in the world and the “growing up” of the character of Lightning McQueen. The movie did have its flaws, the antagonists were not really developed in their motive and reasoning to be so ‘dick-ish’, the ending scenario was predictable about a quarter of the way through. It was about 20-30 minutes too long and I feel that the story, while a current real life scenario for a lot people, tried to be a little too much for what is considered a kid’s movie.

Spoilers Ahead!!



The following characters were well handled in their screen time, and the amount of development that was required; Lightning McQueen, Sally, Cruz Ramirez, Smokey, and surprisingly after the total mishap of the second movie, Mater was utilized perfectly in small moments. The following characters were not developed properly for the sake of the story; Jackson Storm and Sterling. Jackson Storm just seemed like a dick from the start, acting like the young upstart that shows no real respect to the “legends” of the racing world. Sterling was a note for note business man who only cares about his employees as long as they listen to him and are useful.

Once the character of Cruz was introduced by showing her on the simulator, and McQueen asking ‘who’s the racer?’ and then being told that she’s the trainer and not a racer, I knew right away that in the end, she would be the one to race either against McQueen or in his place.



Spoilers Are Done!!

Overall I enjoyed the movie, thought it was a huge improvement over the second one, but had more flaws than the first one, so I don’t believe that it’s the best of the trilogy. I hope that Pixar has decided to end the Cars franchise now, on a high note, rather than release less than mediocre follow ups, just for the sake of merchandise. I would give this movie a 7/10.

What did you think of Cars 3? Do you think Pixar will keep going with the Franchise, or will they end it at a nice round trilogy? Do you agree with my score? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!




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