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Transformers: The Last Knight Review

I will begin this blog by grading the first 4 Transformers movies as if I had been doing the blog at the time of the movies’ release date along with a concise explanation as to why. I’m doing this to give you an idea of my thoughts on the franchise so far, then I will proceed with my review of the latest in the Franchise. I will also state that I watched the previous 4 movies in the last two days leading to the fifth installment to be able include the following in this review.

People who loved the previous Transformers movies will enjoy this one. People who don’t enjoy the movies might enjoy it as I did.

Transformers is a 7.25/10 because as this movie brought to life a huge part of my childhood. Seeing Transformers in a live action movie was amazing. There cinematography was beautiful, though did have a lot of lens flares. The Music was fantastic, the ending Linkin Park song was on my MP3 player when this movie came out. The special effects were brilliant for a movie that came out 10 years ago. The acting was a bit of a letdown from the two main stars however. The story of the movie was good, but not great.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a 5/10 because the once great special effects now looked more cartoony in the fighting scenes. The music which was amazing in the first film, was just a repeat in this movie, with nothing really new to show for it. The story which I believe needed to be better than the first movie, fell flat in this one. The acting from the main characters seemed to be even worse than the first one somehow. The cinematography was still beautiful however.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a 4.75/10 because the story was just all over the place, contradicting the previous movies in some scenes for the sake of the ‘plot’ of this one. The now overly focus on the humans in this franchise is starting to be boring. The new Transformers are getting stupider? Einstein Transformer, Stupid Transformer, it is showing diversity in the types of Transformers, but at the expense of the awesomeness of them at the same time. These movies are feeling extremely long and the editing feels as if it was done by an amateur.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a 4/10 because the story once agains contradicts story points from previous movies. The changeover of Shia Labeouf to Mark Wahlberg was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, but the human element in the movies was convoluted and even dumber and longer than usual for this franchise. The Dinosaur Transformers were a nice touch, however once again, the Transformers themselves look more and more cartoony than their predecessors.  The movie felt long, and a was a movie that I felt I had wasted my time in watching.

Now onto the review of the latest movie in the Michael Bay franchise. I went into this movie hoping that the creation of a writers’ room to come up with a plan for the next few Transformers movie as well as this one would be a good way to revitalize a dying franchise (at least in quality, monetarily it’s still rakes in about a billion dollars each). I saw the trailer, and the prospect of having a history with knights (which is a time period that I am personally in love with), Optimus Prime being the antagonist (from the look of the trailer) is an interesting one. I was hoping that it would be better than the last 3 movies, as they have gotten progressively worse for me.

The final Transformers movie by Michael Bay, starring Mark Wahlberg returning as Cade Yeager, Josh Duhamel, one of two longest serving actors of the franchise as Colonel William Lennox, joined by the second of the two, John Turturro playing Agent Simmons. This movie introduces a lot of new characters, but mainly the characters of Sir Edmund Burton played by Anthony Hopkins, Vivian Wembley played by Laura Haddock, and Isabela Moner playing Izabella. I can understand why there are a lot of critics that are trashing it, and saying that this movie is the worst of the franchise, I can see their point of view. For me, this movie while having a lot of problems was a lot better than I was expecting, and the best Transformers movie since the first one.

This movie gives me a glimmer of hope that this franchise is capable of becoming a good one (quality wise). With this being Michael Bay’s reportedly last Transformers movie (he has said this a lot), it’s a better way to end his time with Transformers than any of the last three movies. The usual parts of a Michael Bay film are very prevalent in this movie; cars, explosions, slow motion scenes (Time Bubbles were a neat effect), his love for everything military.

The major change in this movie, that I find was there was no sexualisation of the female lead (except by her family). Laura Haddock’s character was a highly educated, sophisticated woman who until the very end isn’t seen as a love interest for Mark Wahlberg’s character. The other significant young woman in the movie played by Isabela Moner was a young, brash, take no shit from anyone type of character, she wasn’t a young girl caught up in this mess of a world, she was just a strong character looking for her place in it. I strongly prefered Cade Yeager in this movie that in the previous film, while still not what I would call an A-Lister in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg held his own in this movie. Anthony Hopkins’ character was ‘eccentric’ to say the least, alongside his robot – butler/driver/ninja Cogman voiced by Jim Carter. Duhamel has steadily been one of the good parts of this franchise so far. Turturro was funny in the few scenes that he was in.

The special and visual effects of this movie were better than the previous 2 films, however, because the movie was more gritty than others, the actions shots of the film felt very out of focus. I felt that if I were to take off the 3D glasses, that it would not have made a difference in what I was seeing. The musical score, while reusing the main theme of the Transformers franchise, added something new that elevated the movie compared to the others. The story felt overly convoluted at times, and felt like I was watching 4 or 5 different movies, and once again, the ‘history’ of the Transformers has been changed to fit the plot of the current movie. I am starting to wonder if they are all just alternate universes with the same characters. The portions of the movie that took place in the past, was a nice touch, though as mentioned above, I am biased towards things of that nature. I loved the dragon Transformer, that was cool. I was confused at the “Dino-bots”, however, because we see infant versions as well. I am still trying to figure out how that came about, though it is a Transformers movie, and I am not sure how much I am supposed to question at this point. And once again, Transformers needs to be less long. These movies do not need to be close to three hours.

Spoilers Ahead!!



Optimus Prime has about 15-20 minutes of screen time tops. Somehow, Bumblebee was a huge part of World War II. The “watch” that killed Hitler was a Transformer. Sam Witwicky (Shia Labeouf‘s character from the first three movies) was apparently killed off-screen by mentioning that he was a descendant from Merlin, and that Haddock’s character was the last living relative of Merlin. Meaning that she was distantly related to him, and that if Sam was still alive, he would also have been able to use the Staff of Merlin to save the world. The whole Witwiccan Order was mess in and of itself, which can be picked apart in the link. In the ending sequence, when Haddock’s character gets past the Decepticons, and manages to get the MacGuffin Staff of Merlin out of the hole in the ground? and stops the end of the world, she is seen falling alongside Wahlberg’s character without the Staff, so that is a mystery as to where it is now. Quintessa’s character disguised as a human in the mid credit scene kind of hints as to where they will be going in future installments.




Spoilers Are Done!!!

Overall I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. Are there people that will hate this movie with a passion? Of course, movies are subjective, that is the beauty of film. I can, however, believe that some people will be like me, and feel like they enjoyed the movie. I would give this movie a 6.25/10.

What did you think of The Last Knight? Do you think that Michael Bay is done with Transformers?? What do you think will happen with the future of this franchise? Do you agree with my score? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Having sat through this movie next to you I have to agree. I think one of the things that is often missed by many reviewers when looking at films like this is that they are meant to fill a niche. I don’t go into this expecting the plot to be amazing, I do go in expecting beautiful imagery and cinematography and a story that is cohesive. I agree that while this movie felt better as a whole then the last 3 the lack of focus did leave you wondering what was important in some scenes. Not only that but the story was all over the map and I was baffled by Anthony Hopkins character. I loved the idea of his character but he seemed so all over the map I had to struggle to take him seriously. I wanted to know much more about cogsworth. I am also confused about why some transformers come across as broken down wrecks and others that appear to be ancient are perfectly fine and kicking butt. All this to say I like the review and think you hit the most salient points well.

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