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2018 Plans

Hello Everyone,

So, once again I’ve taken a long break without any forewarning, and I have to say that it wasn’t exactly planned. I started a new job halfway through December 2017, and there’s more travel involved in this job than in my previous one.

My personal life has also gotten a lot more “Adult”, in the sense that my girlfriend and I have decided to look for an apartment together, and we did indeed find one a couple of weeks ago, with a move in date of mid-March. We are very excited, but also very exhausted a lot after the long days and traveling to and from work.

I had a lot of big plans for 2018 in terms of reviews, and blogs, and hopefully even numbers of followers and readers. I have not gotten a good start on that, and I am disappointment in myself in that regard. I have also not seen any new movies since The Last Jedi, which is highly unusual for me. A few members of my family have seen several movies that I have wanted to see, but I just haven’t been able to justify the time or the monetary expenses with us now looking to find our own place, and trying to stick to a budget so that we’re not screwed over, and looking for cash whenever we actually move.My plans for 2018 included catching up on my short film reviews, which I have gotten a few requests on from some people, which I greatly appreciate! Keep them coming, I love getting suggestions to short films as well as feature length films that I may not have watched. They also included reviewing several movie franchises that I’ve been thinking about reviewing. I’m not sure if I’ll get to all the ones that I had planned out, but I still plan on continuing this page and reviews, but sadly they won’t be as frequent as they were in the past.

As some of you may have noticed, I have taken off ads completely from my page, and the reasoning behind that is that I find ads annoying myself, and my site is not getting the amount of views that justify me placing ads on my page to get anywhere from $0.20 – $2.00 per month. As such, until I get a good amount of traffic on this page, and make it worthwhile for myself, I have gotten rid of the annoyances that are ads on my page.

I’ve been extremely busy, and I haven’t seen 8 or 9 great looking movies that I’ve wanted to watch over the holidays. I plan on rectifying that, but January will not have any reviews for full length movies. Below is the schedule that I plan on aiming for, included in every month will be a short film review that is not mentioned after February.

Coming soon

In February, I plan on writing reviews for 4 short films, as I’ve missed my own schedule of one short film review per month since November, so for the month of November, December, January and February.

Also in February, I will also review 4 full length movies, on a once per week schedule, including the Black Panther movie.

In March, there might be less reviews, as this is the month I will be moving, but I will aim for 4 or 5 reviews for this month, most likely 1 per week.

In April, I will hopefully be settled into our new place, and I hope to be able to review anywhere from 4-8 films, on either a 1 or 2 movie a week schedule.

In May, I plan on being very busy with my reviews, especially since there are 3 huge movies coming out, including Avengers 3: Infinity War, Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story. I plan on writing a minimum of 5 reviews that month, with a maximum of 10, sticking again to the 1-2 reviews a week.

In June, I plan on sticking to the same schedule that I will have in May, and hope to hit 10 that month as well, with a minimum of 5, especially with Incredibles 2 being released. Also celebrating my 1 year anniversary that I’ve had this site. I plan on paying the subscription fee with WordPress to be able to keep the .com site, as well as choosing whether or not I want to have ads or not on this page.

In July, I will probably go to the same schedule that I had in April, with 4-8 movie reviews that movie.

In August, I will once again stick with the previous month’s schedule and aim for 4-8 movie reviews.

In September, I will go to 4-5 reviews for this month.

In October, I will aim for 4-8 reviews as there are a lot of movies I am looking forward to.

In November, I hope to aim for the 5 – 10 range for movie reviews.

In December, I will be aiming for 4-5 reviews.

All in all, I aim to write about 47-81 full length movie reviews, and 14 short film reviews. I hope to be able to add some franchises in there that I haven’t done yet, so that might increase the numbers, but we’re going to see how everything pans out.

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope we have a great 2018!

Alex Martens

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