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Quick Bio

I was born in Oakville, Ontario, which was a small city west of Toronto in the early 1990s. I am the youngest of five siblings, the two oldest are children from my mother’s first marriage, the middle child is from my father’s first marriage, with my youngest older sibling and I from the marriage of my father and mother.

I grew up in a small (less than 2000 people) town in eastern Ontario and attended a French Catholic elementary school. I ‘retired’ 4 teachers in my time there including a teacher that had even thought my mother 30 years before myself. I also played a number of sports growing up; ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. For high school, I attended an English Public school, where I eventually joined the high school band playing mainly the Tuba and Trombone. Through joining the band, I got to go to Europe for the first time in life, visiting places such as Vienna, Prague, Salzburg.

While in high school, I focused more on hockey in my young sporting career. Unfortunately, while playing hockey, I suffered 2 concussions in about 10 minutes. Without realizing that the first hit to the head was a concussion, I felt woozy and sat the rest of the period, and decided to go back on to start the next period. about 30 seconds later, I got blindsided and received another concussion. After resting for one month, I went back to hockey and eventually received a third concussion, though not as bad as the first two. I quit hockey that summer after receiving my fourth concussion in less than 10 months.

I  moved to Toronto after high school to attend College in the Accounting program as well as to be closer to my then long – distance girlfriend. I ended up changing programs after two semesters and going into Liberal Arts – Psychology through a merger program with a local university. After some problems from both parties, the relationship fell apart and I moved back home.

I ended up doing a bunch of different jobs while soul searching, and trying to figure out what I wanted to do, when I decided I was going to go back to school, this time in Cornwall, Ontario for the Pre – Health Sciences program, hoping to eventually going into Nursing. That dream didn’t last as long, as I found out that I am really terrible at Biology, and so I dropped that course, and never graduated as I was 1 credit short.

I eventually got into a provincial government position as a student, and then ended up winning a three month contract as an actual employee. After that contract ended, I ended up moving in with my youngest brother in Ottawa. I worked with him at a pharmacy. I was on the employment insurance program, as I had lost my job with the government, and through there I got informed of the Second Career program, where if I went back to school, they would pay for everything (up to a certain amount), and if I completed the program, I would not owe anything, and I would be debt-free from having taken that program. So I went back to school once more, this time in Ottawa, Ontario for the Law Clerk program, in which I recently finished.

I have loved movies for almost as long as I can remember as stated in the First Impressions blog post. I am writing these reviews not for financial gain, but to try and create as much conversation about movies, and hopefully grow people’s love for movies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this not so concise story of my life so far. I hope you continue to read, and hopefully help in contributing to the conversation. I really want to hear what people think!